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Compliments and Comments from some of our school groups

"Thank you for your hard work and on a successful camp! We really value your input into our students’ lives 😊" - Chinchilla Christian College

“Great camp, which achieved goals. Very pleased & impressed” - Calrossy Anglican School

"I had so much fun learning how to work in teams and help each other out when they need it" - Mccarthy College student

"Excellent Christian ethos and focus." - Chinchilla Christian College

“We found all the leaders solid, knowledgeable, approachable, personable, humble, and easy to get along with. Positive. Helpful. Down-to-earth. Real. We appreciated the integration of your faith in all the activities… Thank-you for having us. We loved camp!” - Highlands Christian College

“Constant communication with school staff was excellent. Overall presentation and professionalism of staff contributed to a mutual respect between camp staff and students. Well structured activities in a safe but high risk environment. Epic location. Sunsets” - Varsity College

"Thanks so much for a truly inspirational week!" - Melville State School

"Pindari staff we cannot thank you enough for running this camp with such ease, organisation + excitment for our students. For us as teachers it is always a great camp when we have full confidence + trust in you + your leaders." - Stanthorpe State Highschool

"Thanks so much for having us, the Charlie girls have learnt so much like working as a team and it got things done faster. We can say as a team we overcame some of our fears, the walking was the most walking some of us have done. This camp has taught us so much the toilets and shower were something different. The frog walk was a challenge and some of the stories that were told took a lot of courage so we thank Jake, Alfie, Bryce, Tim, Greg, Jordie, Beth thank you for a great time here" - Melville High School Charlie Company

"Best school camp. First didn’t want to go on the camp came in with a closed mind set but straight when I got there memories were created. All the staff are amazing and the buttress look hard but is a great accomplishment. This camp is the best." - 5 Star Google Review

"At the start of camp I thought it was going to be bad but over the last few days I have loved it. I think it's a really good camp. I really loved the motorbikes [exercises]. I really want to come back again, I was think in a few years time when I finish school I could get a job here. I think I would live it and have as much fun as I want. The campfire on the last night was really good I love listening to the boys [instructors] stories. Thanks for putting up with me. ♥" - Year 8 Camper

"We really appreciated the staff facilities and your service of our needs, it made our time here easier in respect to our roles" positive highlights were the Buttress, GPS navigation, and Buggies- Toowoomba Christian College

"Thanks to Alf who went out of his way to make sure our needs were being met" positive highlights include staff food which was well appreciated. - Villanova College

"Staff camp area and facilities are great." positive highlights were the atmosphere of the camp and its setting - Nambour Christian College

"Great camp. It suits our needs perfectly because it allows the boys to take ownership of the camp, and the boys are forced to think for themselves and make decisions together without being told." - Calrossy Anglican School (Tamworth)

"This is an excellent camp with outstanding leaders. The investment in resources are appreciated." - Nambour Christian College

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