Building self esteem & resilience,

through perseverance & success.

The venue was established as a facility for adventure education in 2002 by Barry Rogers OAM (founder of Emu Gully and Hillcrest Christian School).

The facilities and programs were developed to foster courage, mateship, perseverance & sacrifice through the sequenced programs and the unique landscape.

The Adventure Centre was purchased by a Charity - Pindari Life - in January 2018, with a vision to continue the quality programming and adventure education facilities.

Defining and challenging, the adventure activities  focus on building self esteem and resilience through perseverance and success.

The operators have a proven track record of more than 9 years of adventure education, and a commitment to the health and well being of the next generation. 

Pindari Adventures Team.jpg

Meet the team:

Life is an adventure, and facing challenges is how we learn to succeed.

Nature lover or city slicker, our programs will help you to dig deep and discover the treasures that every person has within.

Recognising diversity as a strength, our programs foster understanding and celebration of our differences to achieve our team and personal goals.

Alfie Berliner 

Director of Operations

Mark Alcorn

Director of  Projects