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Offering exciting activities, programs and expeditions to bring out the spirit of adventure in the next generation.

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Programs are customised based on your group type and goals.
Programs available include day programs or 2/3/4 day overnight options.
All programs foster Character Development and Team Building. 
Students with physical or intellectual disabilities are facilitated wherever possible. 

Facilitators & Instructors are experienced in group dynamics and are screened and approved for working with children and vulnerable persons.
The mixed age range of our team provide a peer and mentor structure that ensures that the program delivery is relevant, engaging and effective.

Food, accommodation and activities are included in overnight bookings.
Risk Assessments and Management Systems are set in accordance with Industry Standards, and are an integral part of our operations. 

Our friendly bookings team will provide all the resources you need to manage a successful EOTC event.
Use the School Enquiry button to review your options, or send us a General Enquiry via our Contact page.

Stone Hut Hike

GPS & Navigation

Boating & Zip Line

Yabby Canyon

Bush Survival

Truck Pull

Water Crossing

Desert Buggies

Canyon Crossing

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